Fourwheeling over Spring Break with Nelle and Raquel. Tucker; Boyfriend of 5 almost 6 monthes. (: ♥
Jenna and I. Being our crazy selfs.
Kelsie and I. Also being our crazy selfs.

I havent posted in like a million years. But hey! I've been busy.

Its been crazy around here.

So just a catch up on life;

I only have 8 more weeks left of school.

I just got my permit like on monday, so i cant get my licence till SEPTEMBER! Ugh! x/

Im thinking of trying out for Drill Team.

I finally got a cell phone again in Novemeber.

I got a Boyfriend. Going on 6 monthes! (: ♥

Mason started finally walking.. ish.. :D

I only have 80 days till my 16th birthday! & you better believe im counting down the days.. with help from my phone. (:

I grew an inch! Very slowly, but it happend. (:

Malachi finally cut his freaking hair! It looks 10000% better! :D

Malachi is finishing up 7th grade.

Ian and Gabriel are finishing up 3rd grade.

Other than all of that its been fun. Cause ive been with my friends quite a bit. (:

Homecoming, Football games, Sophomore life. :D

I have officially decided that i LOVE being in high school. (:

Yes there is a lot more homework, but all that doesnt even matter to me when i get to count all the cute guys that pass by me at school.. & all the amazingly funnnnnn stuff i get to do!


Let met just start out with saying that night was a blast! Getting all dressed up, having a boy pick me up.. (& yes my dad approved.) Dancing, and just getting to hang out with my friends for a couple hours. (:

Heres some pictures. :D

Let me introduce you to Tucker.

This is Tucker..

& Yes hes tall.. very tall.. like a foot taller then me..

(But not when im wearing heels.)


This is my amazing groupd of friends.. and there dates. (:

Tucker, Me, Megan, Cesar, Gary, Sam, Ry, And James.

Obsesstions. (:

A little more us - Stereo Skyline
Me and you - Stereo Skyline
Just wanna fall in love again - Jason Castro
Stays four the same - The ready set
Soular flares - The ready set
Teenage dream - Katy Perry
Miles - The antic
Take My Hand - The Perfect Measure
Always Look Before You Leap - 100 Years is Forever
your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus

New haircut. (:

Heres the results. (:

Hope you like them. Cause i sure doo. (:

First dayy. (:

Im offically a sophomore. (:

(Dont like this picture.. Ehh)

Yay! Babyy!
As for the rest of the familyy...
Malachi Started 7th grade.

Ian & Gabriel started 3rd.

(You can tell which one is Ian.. Cause hes the only one that would wear bright orange shorts to school on the first day.)

& These two right here.. are the ones that will get me though this yearr. (: There my bestestesetest friends..

Summer over?

Yes, Its over. As much as i dont want it to be it is..
School starts this wed. August 11th.
And im super excited but at the same time scared out of my mind. So as did this summer..
And there was a ton.. Let me explain. (:
- Got surgery
- Went to Youth conference
- Went swimming about a dozen times
- Had my 15th Birthday
- Babysat a million times
- Went to the mall more times this summer then i have in my lifetime.
- Went to girls camp
- Hung out with just about all my friends
- Had a sleepover about every weekday.
- Went shopping a lot. (:
So. Ya its been a fun summer, But i swear as you get older they get shorter.. but funer. (: This is the last summer i have to live with a car, and a boyfriend. (: So im kinda glad its over just so that i can say i have less then a year left till i can date... and drive.. lets not forget about that. (:

This friday i got back from girls camp.. And let me tell you i have never had so much fun ever..
Being a 4th year is way better then any other year.. (:
Because you dont have to do anything.. no hikes, knifes, or cooking. (:
It was bomb!
And on top of all that no tents!
We had an obsitcal course.. and it was really really really muddy.. it was fun to get down and dirty. d:
but then right as it was my turn to do it with my team.. i hurt my leg.. so i couldnt get muddy. :/
But at the end of the course they all ganged up on my and got it all over my face.
I defintaly was in for it this year with all the pranks previously pulled by me on everyone else.. but this year i got pay back big time!
I got mud on my face, tackled on the ground, rocks put down my pants, ice put down my shirt, and water all over my sleeping bag.. But all in all. it was tons of fun. (:
Heres some pictures. (:

Yep, Thats Mudd. (:

& These big things

Turned into this.. Marshmellow wars. (:

& This is how i walked around for like an hour.. it was funny to see what peoples faces did. (:

Once again.. boredum and nothing to do on the computer.. (:

So many of you know that i babysit..
And i babysit a lot and love it too. (:
Not only do you make lots of money.. but you also get to be around kids all day..
And i feching love kids. (: There so cute.. and they are always saying the cutest things. (:
Like today for example... Heres what went down.
Malynn: Cortney.. Do people love there babysitters?
Me: Uhh.. Ya i guess so.
Malynn: Well, then.. Cortney i love you.
Me: Aww. Malynn i love you too.
Is that not the cutest thing or what?!
This is why i love doing what i do.. (:
Other reasons.. When they decide that they want to decorate you with about 2 dozen princess stickers.. ill have to post the picture of what my shirt looked like later..



The slide show thingy that Shaylee made for me. (:

Slide Shows